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The story behind

bandaroll is a one-man musical project aiming to compose, record and produce own material. The favourite genre is mainly pop and rock, but side trips of experimantal styles may occur.

bandaroll was broad to life in 2002 as name and phenomenon - even thought the musical origin took place many years before. The name could be seen as an interpretation of the word banderole i.e. the small standard flag used by knights for their lances during medieval tournaments.

The title of the debut album 'Colour Vision' released in October 2004 refers not only to the human ability to distinguish colours and details. It also refers to the capacity and to the level of extent used by every individual. This is expressed in the following lyrics from the title song 'Turn on your colour vision, try to look so clear you can. Depending on your definition, you'll find a lot of grains in sand'.

The single track 'Jungle Dance' released in January 2008 is a more experimental sound with a touch of inspiration from dance and jungle. 'During my working process with new material some wild ideas came up. However, these ideas didn't fit into the ordinary album material so I decided to use this musical and lyrical spinoff to make an extra-ordinary single release', bandaroll says.

The album 'All This Writing On The Wall' released 2013 is a reflection over the world of today and what it brings to our daily life. It describes different situations that almost everybody will discover sooner or later all in combination with the fact that your life sometimes turns out to be quite different than expected...


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All This Writing On The Wall CD cover

All This Writing On The Wall

Released 2013

Jungle Dance CD cover

Jungle Dance

Released 2008

Colour Vision CD cover

Colour Vision

Released 2004

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